About Us

About Us

Crenshaw High School opened its doors as an experimental school January 28, 1968. Parents, Crenshaw Community groups, and the Los Angeles Unified School Districts Board of Education worked harmoniously together in planning the outstanding programs that are a part of our rich history at Crenshaw High School. You are becoming a part of our great heritage and hopefully the information provided in this handbook will assist you in making a positive adjustment to school life at Crenshaw High School.

We see Crenshaw High School as...

  • A positive collaborative learning environment.
  • A place where all students can and do learn through daily class attendance.
  • A school where all students are supported by all stakeholders to achieve academic excellence.
  • A supportive place to study and learn.

Our mission at Crenshaw High School is to develop literate students who are empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful citizens of a global society.

We will know we have achieved our mission and that our vision has become a reality when our student are able to do the following:

  • Show continuous improvement in reading specifically reading comprehension to reach or exceed grade level standards.
  • Apply logical mathematical reasoning and critical thinking in solving a broad range of problems.
  • Utilize test preparation strategies in all testing situations to improve their academic performance.
  • Flourish in an academic climate where learning is relevant and meaningful, so as to promote student attendance.
  • Meet or exceed clear expectations through standards-based instruction, maximizing academic performance.

SCHOOL COLORS: Royal Blue and Gold

MASCOT: Cougar

Our hearts shall be proud of colors BLUE and GOLD. We stand for RIGHTS and FREEDOM of the land we call home.

We’ll fight together one and all for pride and dignity and live the life that’s best for us in peace eternally.

The Nation’s future looks to us her life within our hands. We’ll stand the grounds for which she Stands.

All Hail to Crenshaw High

All Hail to Crenshaw High